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Cover Supervision Training
Training group: Workforce Planning & Development Service
Training theme: Learning and Development
  Date: Time: Venue:
     (Session 1) 04 Jun 09 (Thu)0930 to 1530NTI - MANCAT
     (Session 2) 17 Jun 09 (Wed)0930 to 1530NTI - MANCAT


Module 1 – Survival Kit
· Understand what is expected of you as a Cover Supervisor
· Identify communication strategies to enable you to work more effectively with the classroom teacher
· Develop the role by setting professional standards
· Know how to establish your presence in the classroom
· Develop your own ‘kit bag’ for surviving in the classroom
· Identify appropriate resources for emergency cover
Module Two - Behaviour
· Identify useful routines and practices in the classroom
· Understand how to diffuse conflict
· Put into practice prevention techniques
· Know how to use praise, reward and sanctions effectively
· Know how to create a positive classroom climate
· Know how to use the language of choice
Module 3 – How Children Learn
· Become familiar with the theories of learning and their impact in the classroom
· Understand what motivates children to learn
· Become aware of the government agenda for learning
· Know about Gardner’s intelligences
· Identify your own preferred learning style
· Understand the implications of personalised learning as they affect the Cover Supervisor
· Understand the impact of music in the classroom
· Mind Map
· Understand how the Cover Supervisor can promote an inclusive classroom.
Module 4 – Health and Safety / Recording Incidents
· Develop awareness of basic safety requirements of the role
· Know the responsibilities of the Cover Supervisor in relation to Health and Safety issues
· Develop awareness of classroom safety
· Consider child health and safety issues such as bullying, drug abuse, child protection and how they impact on the role of Cover Supervisor
· Know how to record a range of incidents professionally
Please note that if you are unable to attend this course, please inform us as soon as possible. A CHARGE OF £35.00 PER DAY WILL BE MADE FOR CANCELLATIONS THAT DO NOT GIVE 5 WORKING DAYS NOTICE OF NON-ATTENDANCE
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Target Audience:
[Places: 20]
This two-day course is ideal for Teaching Assistants in Primary or Secondary Schools who are or may be required to provide cover supervision
All Manchester CC Districts
NB: This course is available to Manchester maintained establishments only.
Manchester Maintained: £ 0

Event booking

Stephen Henry
Children's Services
3rd Floor, Victoria Mill
10 Lower Vickers Street
Miles Platting, Manchester
M40 7SH
0161 203 3200
To reserve places an this event please complete the booking form and fax it to Stephen Henry on the number given on the form.
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