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  New guidance: ICT funding 2008 to 2011: Harnessing Technology Grant Alison Glover 01-Jul-08
  CC4G Donna Varney 28-May-08
  Make IT Happen 2008 Donna Varney 28-May-08
  MEWAN Office move Jon Haves 20-May-08
  QCA email alerts and e-newsletters Ken Slee 20-May-08
  Functional Skills on DCSF website Ken Slee 20-May-08
  Key Stage 4 ICT specifications/courses Ken Slee 20-May-08
  End of KS3 Teacher Assessments Summer 2008 Ken Slee 20-May-08
  E-learning credits and future funding for ICT Ken Slee 20-May-08
  Renewing your KS3 ICT Scheme of Work - Workshop, Sec ICT 48 Ken Slee 20-May-08
  Secondary ICT Subject Leader Network Meeting - Sec ICT 47 Ken Slee 20-May-08
  ICT Mark/SRF - How are you doing? Alison Glover 19-May-08
  KS2 'Learner Voice' ICT report Alison Glover 19-May-08
  MEWAN SchoolSites Training Jon Haves 19-May-08
  Free to a good home ... Comms Cabinet Jon Haves 19-May-08
  Online Resources Donna Varney 13-May-08
  Useful E-safety Material Alison Glover 10-May-08
  School's ICT and Data Security Audit Jon Haves 28-Apr-08
  KS3 ICT Assessment Tasks Ken Slee 28-Apr-08
  ICT Mark Starter Pack Ken Slee 28-Apr-08
  ICT Excellence Awards Ken Slee 28-Apr-08
  Y9 Teacher Assessments Ken Slee 27-Apr-08
  OCR ICT Nationals Conference 11 June 2008 Ken Slee 27-Apr-08
  AQA EXPO 2008 Ken Slee 27-Apr-08
  Sec ICT 47 ICT Subject Leader Network Meeting 10 (SLDM10) Ken Slee 27-Apr-08
  Ofsted findings in Primary and Secondary Schools 2005/7 Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  National Education Network Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  Primary ICT Subject Leaders Meeting - Spring 2008 Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  ICT Mark - a guide for school leaders Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  Mathematics and ICT Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  Renewed Framework for English and ICT Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  Free animation software Donna Varney 25-Apr-08
  Espresso Primary Home Access - Password Change Jon Haves 24-Apr-08 - free 8 week trial of online learning resources Jon Haves 07-Mar-08
  Espresso Primary Home Access Jon Haves 07-Mar-08
  Recommended websites Donna Varney 06-Mar-08
  ICT Guidance in the Early Years Foundation Stage Terry Gould 03-Mar-08
  Sec ICT 39 Aspiring Secondary ICT Leaders' Residential Conference Ken Slee 27-Feb-08
  Sec ICT 46 Secondary ICT Subject Leader Development Meeting (SLDM9) Ken Slee 27-Feb-08
  MEWAN SchoolSites Training Jon Haves 27-Feb-08
  Microsoft Vista and Office 2007: full Becta report Alison Glover 27-Feb-08
  SmartBoard software - access to tools Alison Glover 27-Feb-08
  Espresso Primary Home Access Jon Haves 28-Jan-08
  Newsday 2008 Competition Ken Slee 28-Jan-08
  Computer Animation Competition Ken Slee 28-Jan-08
  Revised Secondary Curriculum - Writing Group Workshop 2 Ken Slee 28-Jan-08
  Secondary ICT - Spring Term courses Ken Slee 28-Jan-08
  ICT in schools Ofsted Findings 2005_07 Alison Glover 27-Jan-08
  Becta Next Generation Learning campaign Alison Glover 22-Jan-08
  2008 BETT Review Jon Haves 22-Jan-08
  Farewell and Bon Voyage Jon Haves 22-Jan-08
  New school websites Jon Haves 20-Dec-07
  CPD Spring Term - Primary Team Donna Varney 18-Dec-07
  CPD Spring Term 2008 - Secondary ICT Ken Slee 17-Dec-07
  Computer Animation Competition Ken Slee 17-Dec-07
  Asus EeePC Alison Glover 17-Dec-07
  Becta Development of common interactive whiteboard format Alison Glover 17-Dec-07
  Becta welcomes the challenge of the Children's Plan Alison Glover 17-Dec-07
  ICT Funding 2008-2011 Alison Glover 17-Dec-07
  Cache Box (Freedom2Cache) Replacement Jon Haves 14-Dec-07
  Think You Know? Online safety Jon Haves 14-Dec-07
  One Laptop Per Child Jon Haves 10-Dec-07
  Guardian Link - ICT magazine Alison Glover 10-Dec-07
  Microsoft Envisioning Event - November 2007 Jon Haves 22-Nov-07
  BETT Show - January 9-12th 2008 Jon Haves 22-Nov-07
  Primary ICT Subject leaders Alison Glover 22-Nov-07
  Web 2.0 in Education Alison Glover 21-Nov-07
  Becta press releases Alison Glover 20-Nov-07
  MEWAN SchoolSites - January training Jon Haves 16-Nov-07
  Email - changes to Postmaster account Alison Glover 11-Nov-07
  Piper Hill's new Website Jon Haves 08-Nov-07
  Sharing Success Alison Glover 05-Nov-07
  DCSF Funding Notice: School Building Programme Alison Glover 19-Oct-07
  Electrical Testing: Protecting your Cache Server Anonymous User 19-Oct-07
  MALWARE infections of your school network. Anonymous User 19-Oct-07
  Safeguarding pupils using the Internet - important news about web security in school Anonymous User 19-Oct-07
  MEWAN Mail Upgrade - w/c 22nd October 2007 Anonymous User 19-Oct-07
  New way to access your MEWAN email Jon Haves 19-Oct-07
  MEWAN SchoolSite Creator Jon Haves 19-Oct-07
  North West Education Technology Show Alison Glover 19-Oct-07
  BETT Show 2007 9-12 January 2007 Donna Varney 17-Oct-07
  BECTA Publications Donna Varney 17-Oct-07
  ICT on MEWAN Donna Varney 17-Oct-07
  Primary/Special ICT Subject Leaders' Network meetings Alison Glover 16-Oct-07
  Clicker 5 Alison Glover 16-Oct-07
  Final opportunity for SLICT Ken Slee 18-Sep-07
  Introduction Alison Glover 17-Sep-07
  MEWAN Website update Jon Haves 14-Sep-07
  Naace e-mag 'Sharing Success' Alison Glover 14-Sep-07
  Raise Online John Gomersall 14-Sep-07
  Literacy and ICT Donna Varney 13-Sep-07
  BECTA - Self Review Framework Progress Chart Donna Varney 13-Sep-07
  National Schools Film Week 2007 Donna Varney 13-Sep-07
  Cyber-bullying Training Donna Varney 13-Sep-07
  KS3 Onscreen Test Update Ken Slee 12-Sep-07
  KS3 ICT onscreen test (Information thanks to Naace) Ken Slee 12-Sep-07
  Secondary ICT courses 2007/08 Ken Slee 12-Sep-07
  Congratulations to Chorlton Park PS for their ICT Mark Alison Glover 11-Sep-07
  Espresso's Whiteboard Photo Galleries Alison Glover 11-Sep-07
  Our Lady's RC College, Abraham Moss High School and Cheetham Community College launch their new websites Jon Haves 03-Sep-07
  Access to PNS Primary Framework site Alison Glover 15-Aug-07
  St. Brigid's RC Primary School launches its new website Jon Haves 24-Jul-07
  Welcome to ictopus John Gomersall 20-Jul-07
  Making software accessible: A guide for schools John Gomersall 13-Jul-07
  New Look ICT Newsletter Alison Glover 05-Jul-07
  Early Years ICT self-review framework Alison Glover 05-Jul-07
  Moderation of DiDA ePortfolios Ken Slee 05-Jul-07
  KS 3 Teacher Assessments and KS 4 specifications Ken Slee 05-Jul-07
  Secondary Curriculum Review - ICT Ken Slee 05-Jul-07
  Manchester BSF ICT Partnership Launch Ken Slee 04-Jul-07
  Courses on MEWAN Jon Haves 03-Jul-07
  Barlow RC High School and Specialist Science College launches its new website Jon Haves 03-Jul-07
  Primary ICT Subject Leader network meetings Alison Glover 30-Jun-07
  Working with 2D and 3D Shapes John Gomersall 29-Jun-07
  Renewed Framework for Numeracy John Gomersall 29-Jun-07
  Smart Notebook 9.7 Donna Varney 29-Jun-07
  Busy Buzzy Bee Page on MEWAN Donna Varney 29-Jun-07
  Scratch: A simple programming and development tool John Gomersall 29-Jun-07
  Secondary ICT courses, Autumn Term 2007 Ken Slee 29-Jun-07
  WiFi Statement Alison Glover 19-Jun-07
  KS3 ICT onscreen test (information thanks to NAACE) Ken Slee 19-Jun-07
  Functional skill and their Standards in Secondary ICT Ken Slee 19-Jun-07
  Budgeting for ICT Donna Varney 19-Jun-07
  Primary Courses for ICT Alison Glover 19-Jun-07
  Becta Excellence Awards Ken Slee 19-Jun-07
  Launch of the New Manchester Early ICT Guidance - 23 March 2007 Jon Haves 19-Jun-07
  E-Safety and Implementation Donna Varney 19-Jun-07
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