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On ArtisanCam you can watch artists working in their studios or on location as they go about their business. A new artist each term is broadcast live, previous artists are archived.
ArtisanCam KidsZone
ArtisanCam - Games, galleries, techniques, video, quizzes -
Audio Network
Professional quality sound clips for use in the classroom. All different styles and genres of music are covered.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
British Pathe
The British Pathe archive contains over 65000 hours of film archive and millions of pictures covering British, Commonwealth and world history from the end of the 19th Century to the birth of space travel. NB: Free downloads to MEWAN connected schools only
Innovative German language game from CLEO. Drop in on life in a German town where you witness a crime ... help the police solve it and the courts put the villan away. Played totally in German, this game will test your vocabulary, sentance construction, listening and comprehension skills.
ClipBank on MEWAN brings you hundreds of video snippets from Channel 4's library of programmes for schools.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
DiDA - Pupil Skills Gym
Built to support the DiDA qualifications, this online skills gym will guide you through using key software applications and help you learn how to (among other things) manipulate images, create web-pages, handle spreadsheets, capture and edit video and much more.
Exploring World Religions
Explore 4 elements of six major world religions: Beliefs, Festivals, Places and Writings. Lots of images and explanations. With audio assistance.
Granada Content (Secondary)
Granada Learning content - stripped down to raw form exclusively for Manchester Schools
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
How we used to live
Explore how previous generations lived their lives. An extensive collection of images and descriptions of ordinary lives, scientific and industrial change; social and economic developments and key moments in history.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
How we used to live: 1936 - 1953
The first half of the 20th century was a very difficult time for the people of Britain. The 1930s was a time of great economic uncertainty and war was looming in Europe. World War 2 then shattered the lives of millions for 6 years. Following the war, great social changes and planning tried to improve the lives of people otherwise forgotten by society.
How we used to live: Early Victorians
The early Victorian period (1830 to 1870) was a time of great change within Britain. The Industrial Revolution was transforming the landscape; great cities and towns developed as people moved to find work in the new factories; canals and railways allowed people and goods cross the country; the British Empire was rapidly expanding around the world.
How we used to live: Late Vicotrians
he late Victorian period (1870 to 1910) was a time of great change within Britain. The Industrial Revolution had transformed Britain into the world's greatest industrial and military power; science and technology were advancing healthcare and living standards - but the country was deeply divied between those that had money and influence, and those that didn't.
Living through the Blitz
One of the major tactics used by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) during The Second World War was to try a break the spirits of the British people. They tried to do this by launching heavy nighttime bombing raids on Britain’s cities. This history resource calls on the memories of those who lived though this perios of history. From the NWLG.
Manchester Year of Science
Manchester Year of Science is a project targetting Key Stage 3 pupils to enthuse them to science learning. Curriculum development and special events and activities are planned throughout 2006-7.
Materials DataFile
Taken from the Granada Learning resources, the Materials Dafile is a comprehensive listing of common substances and materials from science, building, farming - pretty much everyday life and beyond! Lots of information including occurence, histories, compositions etc.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
NetSafe from SQA
This course is designed to enable you to make safe and legal use of the Internet. It will provide you with information about the safety factors and legal considerations which need to be taken into account when using the Internet, and give you practical experience in taking safety precautions and operating within legal constraints.
Periodic Table (Interactive)
Discover the elements of the Periodic Table with this interactive object. Each element has its' properties described, history and useage explained. Stacked with photos too - this is a great science resource.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
Physical World
Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Rain, Thunder, Drought, Deserts, Tropical Rainforests, Antarctica - loads of information about the physical world around us.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
Round the World
Collection of over 900 photos from around the world that can be used in your classroom. The photos are presented in a country by country format without any prescription on how they should be used - so it is up to your imagination.
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
Show Me is a free to use, non-commercial site produced by the 24 Hour Museum.

The site is packed with games and resources generated by the UKs museum, gallery and heritage sector.
The Home Front
The Second World War had a major impact on the lives of many people across the World. In Britain, many men went abroad to fight while large numbers of women started to work in factories to help the war effort. Heavy bombing raids caused serious damage to cities and many children were evacuated to the safer countryside away from their parents.
The Learning Curve
The Learning Curve site pulls out key documents and objects from the National Archives to help in the teaching of history from Key Stages 2 to 5.
The Living Room
The Living Room is a site for young people to develop their confidence and ability to give their opinions through chat with other young people and through talking directly to decision makers about issues that are important to them. It is also a tool to enable decision makers to find out young people's opinions in order to help them make decisions about services and facilities in Manchester.
Think You Know (11-16)
If you’re between 11 and 16, you probably know a lot about using the internet.
We have created this space for you to share what we think is good, look at what is not, share experiences of things that have gone wrong and show you ways you can get yourself out of bad situations.
Tuned In
Tuned In is an ICT site that enables pupils to listen to, and interact with music within virtual historical, social and cultural contexts through the written and spoken word, images and sound. This is a subscription service and all MEWAN schools have subscriptions. The usename is "mewan"; password is "music".
NB: This is a MEWAN Intranet resource only
Virtual River Basin
Experience a virtual river basin. This resources looks at river processes, flooding, settlemements, the hydrological cycle, pollution and sand dunes.
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